Ho Chi Minh City Day 4 – The Day that Wasn’t

Yesterday was a total bust in terms of doing things, I got up later than anticipated and then when I was foraging for my morning coffee and food it started to rain so I made a hasty retreat back to my hotel room.  The one down side to having an indoor room is you can’t tell what the weather conditions are like outside.

Decided to lie back on my bed and give the rain a chance to pass, that proved to be an error of judgment as when I next looked at the time it was 7pm the day had just disappeared.  Decided I did not want to go far in the search for dinner, so I picked up another coffee from Flash and then went to KFC next door.  It seems like most of the dishes here involve the spicy side of KFC, I settled for a small grilled chicken burger and got some strange looks when I did not want to supersize my meal, the small was more than enough for me.

Then it was back to my room for some more napping, which didn’t eventuate till about 1am due to some eastern europeans checking into the room next to mine and making quite a racket until 1am.   After that it was time for some sleep and to see what day 5 would have to offer me

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